Intelligent Process Automation for Hiring


Phil Chatterton
by : Phil Chatterton

There are few business decisions that can make or break our success more than hiring. The challenge with hiring is that it is a time-consuming activity full of manual and repetitive tasks. These tasks have created a boom in AI processes associated with hiring. To be more specific these processes include Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Process Automation and Machine Learning.

It starts with writing the job description. We think about what the ideal candidate might look like. They have an advanced degree for harvard, they are incredibly experienced, full of energy and willing to work for peanuts. Then our sense of reality kicks in and we start to whittle away at the statue of our perfect employee. We cut back the years of experience, the required education and we increase the pay. We add specific competencies and skills associated with the position (based on a proper competencies matrix via a confirmatory analysis process of course) and then we add some mumbo jumbo about how great company is and how challenging and exciting the work environment is.

Don’t want to write one? There are companies now that will automatically write job descriptions for us and then track outcomes over time. For example, SABA software provides job description software (okay not a sexy title but relatively clear).

Next, we choose channels for posting the job. We can post a job on a variety of sites including on Zip, Glassdoor, Indeed, Robert Half, Monster, Workopolis, and many more. Most of these channels provide an Application Tracking System (ATS). An ATS will use technologies like OCR to scan each resume and determine whether or not it is a match with a job description. According to JobScan, 98% of fortune 500 companies use them.

Some companies will also then scan that resume manually but most people will determine within 6 seconds whether or not the resume has made a good impression.

In addition to ATS systems, there are now bots that will assist with hiring. Bots can help accomplish a number of tasks including top-of-the-funnel (early) interviews to determine fit. They can also do live AI based interviews where the system does the first interview and determines whether or not the applicant has the skills and experience to move ahead.

All of us have stories about rock star employees that drove the business forward and equally nightmares brought on by the damage wrought from poor hires. Hiring a great team is the mark of great leadership and the extremely lucky but what are the rest of us supposed to do? We are at the mercy of budgets, applicant tracking systems, market forces, and our own energy and bias.

Let’s look at some areas that plague many of us in terms of hiring talent and what a whole new field; intelligent process automation might be able to do about it.

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